My Goals

As Mayor of Burlington my goal is to foster a relationship with the community that is built upon trust, transparency, and open communication.

City Growth

In these trying times financial hardships are abundant. As our citizens are forced to make every dollar go further so should the city. Along with making every tax dollar count. We need to look for opportunities to grow our city while still maintaining the small town charm that Burlington is so well known for.

Fiscal Responsibility

Without fiscal responsibility there is no long term goals for growth and betterment of the city. Every dollar spent by the city should be accounted for and spent wisely. Responsible spending is the only sustainable way forward.

Local Economy

Being pro-business doesn’t mean being anti-employee. A businesses success shouldn’t be contingent on shorting its employees. However, employees are harmed when the cost of doing business is such that a business has a hard time offering a livable wage. Reducing the cost of doing business in Burlington is necessary to the success of our local businesses and their employees.


The issues with our lake are paramount. Though many of the factors that are slowly destroying lake Champlain’s eco system are external to Burlington, the sheer fact that for years the city has allowed the dumping of untreated sewage into the lake on a mass scale is downright criminal. My plan is to look to local experts to help formulate a plan of action to insure that this comes to an abrupt end and that anyone who may have allowed the problem to fester is taken to task. This outlines how I feel about any and all malfeasance in city government.

Policing Reform

With national attention on the subject, we should be a leader in police reform and set an example to other cities around the nation. There is an ever present need for more training for our law enforcement officers. We need a police force focused on public safety with the training and experience to know when the use of force is appropriate and when it is not. To aid in this we need to get rid of the us vs. them mentality on both sides. Our officers are members of the community and our community members should feel safe asking them for help. BPD and City Hall should be a resource when our citizens are in need.


I think that tensions are higher now than they have been in a long time. I am happy to live in Vermont because while I cannot say we live without bigotry or hatred, it is clear to most here that it is not to be tolerated. I will never say racism does not exist here. There are negative people in every community but we are blessed to have a unified voice of majority that decries the idea that differences make somebody less than. I do also recognize that my experience is my own and I look forward to meeting with community leaders to hear about their experiences and to use their input as we bring Burlington forward.

All I ask from the constituents of Burlington is that the candidate they select be judged on their ideals for this city. We must have leadership that is focused on ensuring all of our resources are tailored to the needs of Burlington and its future success.

Patrick White

Have questions? Feel free to ask them.

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